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Cel: (01) 998256310
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Our Cuisine

Here at Los Corales the good cuisine is and it will be always a priority. Our chef prepares both international plates and also a select list with the best of the Peruvian northern gastronomy.

Many of our delightful plates are with the freshest seafood and delicious fishes like groupers, tunas and cherelas, for naming only some.

Also we offer a nice list of drinks and some appetizers, perfect to watch the sunset in our terrace or to wait for the lunch at our restaurant.

For the ones that they demand the freshest food, here at Los Corales we provide a fishbowl of lobsters, where you can even choose yourself the one that you wish in your plate.


Tequeños de langostiinos

Causa de Langostinos

Fishbowl of lobsters